Carmel Code of Conduct and Policies

Educational Policy and Code of Conduct

Educational Policy

‘Give Us Your Flower Buds and We Will Help Them Bloom Into Beautiful Flowers’

Education is the sole basis on which future of the human race depends. A woman being considered as a Secondary Sex by the society, our Educational Policy is to help them use education as a weapon to cut down a path of their own, to cut off their chains of obstacles and chase their dreams to pursue their passion. We Educate, Empower and Enlighten our students to use education as a light to make themselves brightly shine in the society and also to make the society shine through their deeds. We make them aware that education is the mightier sword to fight against the evils in the society.

We, the Carmelites, entrusted our policy of education on the Almighty to guide our students with ‘His Light and Love’. Teaching is hope for better, more successful futures. Learning is hope for becoming better individuals, for gaining intelligence, and for implementing practical experiences in our future. Through Teaching –Learning process, we make our children to plan for their futures and work to realize their goals. We believe that the teaching profession should ‘practice what it preaches’ by helping young people to reach those goals.

Education in its true sense should comprise besides the acquisition of knowledge, the formation of an ideal character by bringing body, mind and heart under discipline and by developing everything that is good and beautiful in human nature. Hence, it should be the earnest endeavour of every student. She should be gentle and refined in behaviour, polite and courteous in manners and modest in dress and comportment. The student’s registration in the college is considered an expression of willingness to abide by all the rules and regulations prevailing in the college. Every student, therefore, is committed to the observance of these rules.

  • 1. Rules of modesty and decorum in dress should be strictly adhered to. The students shall wear uniforms according to the directions given by the college authorities

  • 2. It is the responsibility of the students to treat college property with care. They should help to keep the buildings and campus neat and clean.

  • 3. Students shall endeavor to preserve cleanliness and orderliness in the classrooms, verandahs and college premises

  • 4. The college will not be responsible for any loss of money or article incurred by the students through their carelessness. They are likewise forbidden to borrow or lend money or article.

  • 5. No magazine, newspaper, mobile phone or Walkman is allowed to be brought to the college or hostel without the permission of the Principal. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the campus.

  • 6. Attendance and active participation in all activities organized by the college is compulsory.

  • 7. Irregular attendance, insubordination of lectures, habitual inattention to class work, obscenity in word or deed are sufficient reasons for the permanent or temporary dismissal of student.

  • 8. Students are free to meet, write to and talk to the Principal individually about issues related to them or the college administration. But, students are not allowed to make complaints in a body or present any collective petition.

  • 9. No notice should be pasted on the notice board without the permission of the Principal. All administrative, departmental and activity bulletin boards are for official use only. To tamper with them is a serious offence.

  • 10. The college does not charge any capitation fees nor does it accept any donation as a consideration for admission/appointment.

  • 11. Students while in the campus should wear their identity cards and it must be produced for all transactions in the college

  • 12. Any student may be suspended, dismissed or expelled from the college at any time during the year for the following offences:

    • a) Stealing

    • b) Any form of cheating or dishonesty

    • c) Any form of public immorality in campus or during a college function

    • d) Possessing or bringing into campus pornographic materials

    • e) Bringing alcoholic or any intoxicating beverages into campus. Coming into the campus under the influence of alcoholic or prohibited drugs and misbehaving

    • f) Bringing or carrying within the campus fire arms or any lethal weapon

    • g) Physical assault on others.

    • h) Gross and deliberate discourtesy to college personnel or students on or off the campus

    • i) Possession or use or trafficking of drugs on the campus.

    • j) Vandalism in campus or of college property.

    • k) Gambling on Campus

    • l) Tampering with and/or falsification of school or public documents

    • m) Preventing or threatening students or college staff or authorities from discharging their duties or from attending classes or from entering the college premises.

  • 13. Students may not organize programmes for collecting funds nor may they make any kind of fund – collection in the campus, without the explicit prior permission of the Principal

  • 14. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

Commitment to the Profession

  • 1. Faculties should be strictly adhered to the working hours of the campus and working hours should be dedicated to learning, training and study.

  • 2. Keep ourselves updated. Continuous attempts should be made for professional growth, in particular through involvement in study operations and updating in their region of competence.

  • 3. Create a culture that fosters helpful cooperation between colleagues.

  • 4. Faculty should treat all students and colleagues- teaching and non-teaching with dignity.

  • 5. All academic and administrative roles assigned may be undertaken and performed in the best possible manner.

Commitment to Colleagues

  • 6. Faculties should treat peers as equals, irrespective of their status.

  • 7. Other colleagues’ professional views and recommendations should be respected and considered.

  • 8. Work in team whenever and wherever necessary.

Commitment to the Institution

  • 9. Be regular and report for courses on time. Unless they are allocated responsibilities elsewhere, teachers should be accessible on campus from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • 10. Full class hours should be engaged as per schedule

  • 11. Teachers may leave the campus only with the approval of the Principal during their working hours

  • 12. Teachers should be present in all student programs to preserve the discipline and promote study.