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SR. AUREA Founder Principal of Carmel College

The first manager and founder Principal of Carmel College, Sr. Aurea is always hailed for her social services especially for her great contributions to the field of education in the society. She began her career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and had worked in reputed colleges like St. Marys’ and Vimala. She had served the position as a Senate Committee member in the University of Calicut.

She is always remembered for her fight she had done for bringing the backward society of Mala to the highest peak of Education and Culture. Her contribution to the astonishing developments in the field of education helped the society to think differently especially in the case of women education. When she selected a small under developed place like Mala to start a college, her only aim was to take them to the path of ‘light and love’ which education teaches. She believed that to build up a strong society, the need for educating the women seems important and this thought of her makes her to work for the founding and development of the first affiliated college of Mala, Carmel College. Each and every part of Carmel College brims with her sweat and blood, and she is the most important gem who made the Carmel College to reach this high position. She is the woman behind the successful story of Carmel College who guided them to crown the golden feathers of achievements they wear now. She was one among the people who took the people of Mala to experience the glory of education and to change the face of Mala by decorating it with rich culture and education.



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