Associations in Carmel College

Parent Teacher Associations

The PTA of Carmel College plays an important role in the efficient functioning of the College. PTA general body meetings are held twice a year with the aim of promoting student welfare. PTA Executive Committee members gather occasionally to discuss various issues relating to the general progress of the institution. Orientation programmes and awareness classes are also organized for the parents. Each year, PTA association had instituted the ‘Best Department Award’ to appreciate the performance and contributions done by the department for the development of the college. PTA renders their support in the form of funding, awards, and scholarships to the students for the integral development of them in academics, arts and sports.


PTA executive committee consisting of the following:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Executive members

Aims and objectives

  • To encourage and promote good relationship among the fellow members of the teaching staff, students and guardians of the students.
  • To work for the development of the college, welfare of the students and maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.
  • To institute scholarships, prizes, medal etc., to benefit students showing a high proficiency in their studies.
  • To provide encouragement and support to the students, and to help the needy students of our college with amenities.

Designation Name
President Dr. Sr. Licy A. D (Principal)
Vice President Mr. Cheriyan Thomas