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The department of English started functioning ever since the inception of Carmel as a junior college in the year 1981. From 1984, classes were handled for the BA and Bsc students who have part I English (papers I, II, III). In 1998 the department was officially inaugurated with the introduction of the new course, BA Functional English.


Ignite young minds to attain the higher realms of intellectual thought through a mastery of literature while rooted in reality and help them mould a new world order of brotherhood and harmonious growth for man and nature alike, holding aloft the twin virtues of Light and Love


  • To foster innovative approaches towards knowledge acquisition and creative use of knowledge resources.
  • To kindle a taste for the masters of all literatures.
  • To promote a spirit of enquiry and research through projects and assignments.
  • To identify one's potential and uniqueness by developing their latent talents.
  • To inculcate a spirit of oneness and affinity to things in nature.
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BA English core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 FEN1B01 Oral Communication Practice -I 4
2 FEN2B02 Communicative Grammar 4
3 FE3B03 English & Communication Technology 4
3 FE3B04 Communicative Grammar 4
4 FE4B05 Introduction to Linguistics 4
4 FE4B06 Applied Phonetics 4
5 FE5B07 Oral Communication Practice -II 4
5 FE5B08 Media Studies – I Print Media 4
5 FE5B09 Creative Writing 4
5 FE5B10 Business English 4
6 FE6B11 English Language Teaching 4
6 FE6B11 English Language Teaching 4
6 FE6B12 Media Studies – II Electronic Media 4
6 FE6B13 Translation Studies 4
6 FE6B14 Introduction to Theatre Studies 4
6 FE6B16 Project 4
6 FE6B15(E)1 Advertising – Theory and Practice 2
5 FE5D03 Advertising – Theory and Practice 4
BA English complementary courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 FEN1C01 Landmarks in English Literature 4
2 FEN2C02 Indian Writing in English 4
3 FE3C03B Foundations of Aesthetics & Criticism 4
4 FE4C04A Personality Development 4
MA English core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 EN1C01 British Literature from the Age of Chaucer to the18th Century 4
1 EN1C02 British Literature: The Nineteenth Century 4
1 EN1E02 British and Continental Drama 4
1 EN1E05 Writing for Media 4
2 EN2C03 Twentieth Century Literature up to World War II 4
2 EN2C04 Criticism and Theory 4
2 EN2E07 American Literature 4
2 EN2E10 European Fiction in Translation 4
3 EN3C05 Twentieth Century British Literature: Post 1940 4
3 EN3C06 The English Language History and Structure 4
3 EN3C15 Postcolonial Fiction and Drama 4
3 EN3E18 Malayalam Literature in Translation 4
4 EN4C08 Dissertation 4
4 EN4E20 Postcolonial Poetry 4
4 EN4E24 Linguistics 4
4 EN4E27 Teaching of English 4
4 - General viva 4
Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Sr. Lizy C.I. (Sr. Lijo) M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D. Associate Professor 0480-2894706/8593926610 ,
Ms. Lakshmi Salim, M.A. Assistant Professor (HOD) 9400762481/9995802559 ,
Ms. Pretty John P., M.A., M.Phil, B. Ed. Assistant Professor 9446583241/ 0484 2473241 ,
Ms. Ramya P.G., M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor on contract 9446511190 ,
Ms.Remya P.R., M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor on contract 9526513257/9072318800 ,
Ms. Primcy Paul, M.A, B.Ed Assistant Professor on contract 9947380885 ,
Ms. Yasmin Hameed, M.A Assistant Professor on contract 8943798872 ,
Ms. Farhan V I, M.A, B.Ed Assistant Professor on contract 9746635929 ,
Ms. Hima Harry Assistant Professor on contract 9400600704 ,
Ms.Nasnin Yoosef, M.A Assistant Professor on contract 9633202790 ,
Raisa Baiker, M.A,B.Ed Assistant Professor on contract 9526419519 ,
Ms.Blessy Wilson,M.A,B.Ed Assistant Professor on contract 9744311043 ,
Ms.Aparna Balakrishnan,M.A Assistant Professor on contract 8589893924 ,
Ms.Ramya C,M.A,B.Ed Assistant Professor on contract 8943061090 ,

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