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The department started functioning in 1981 with the inception of Carmel College under the University of Calicut. In the initial years, classes were handled for the pre-degree students. In 1984 the teachers began taking classes for the BA Sociology which offered political science as a subsidiary paper. Since the year 2002, the department handles the optional papers for MA History Students. The college started BA political science as a recognized unaided course during the year 2002-2003 under university of Calicut.


Empower young women with knowledge on policy decisions and its implications on the political front and imbue their hearts with a sense of commitment towards nation building so that they grow into well informed and participative citizens of the country


  • Help students inculcate in themselves true commitment to participate in the political development of the country.
  • To actively participate in the political process at various levels by taking part in elections.
  • Make them aware of their political rights, duties and responsibilities.
  • Equip them to tackle any situation they might come across in their interactions with the society at large through legal literacy classes.
  • Encourage them to be active committed citizens at the local, district and even state level.
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B.A Political Science core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 PS1B01 Foundations of Political Science 4
2 PS2B01 Concepts of Political Science 4
3 PS3B01 Indian Government and Politics 4
3 PS3B02 Public Administration: Theory and Practice 4
4 PS4B01 Introduction to Comparative Politics 4
4 PS4B02 International Politics 4
5 PS5B01 Research Methodologyt 4
5 PS5B02 Ancient Medieval Political Thought 4
5 PS5B03 Human rights 4
5 PS5B04 India’s Foreign Policy 4
6 PS6B01 Modern Political Thought 4
6 PS6B02 State and Society in Kerala 4
6 PS6B03 Contemporary Issues in International politics 4
6 PS6B04 Development Administration 4
6 PS5B(PR) PS6B(PR) Project -
6 PS6BE03 International Organization and Administration 2
5 PS5D01 Human Rights in India 4
Name Designation Contact No.
Ms. Mary Philip, M.A. Assistant Professor 9995083995 ,
Ms. Ushusmol E. U., M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor on contract 9497804692 ,
Ms. Prasanna P. J., M.A. Assistant Professor on contract 9495360717 ,

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