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The department of Sociology started functioning on 24th October 1984 with the induction of BA Sociology. From 2002, the faculty handles the subsidiary paper of the political science main. During the 2005-06 academic year the department obtained sanction from the government to start MA Sociology.


Empower young women through enrichment in social research, teaching and learning based on the principles of humanism, equality, social responsibility, quality education and social justice


  • We dedicate ourselves to help the young rural women gain confidence, build competence and achieve excellence in all spheres of human endeavour, for their social, cultural and economic development through higher education, training, social research and consultancy
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BA Sociology core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 SO1B01 Methodology and Perspectives of Social Sciences 4
2 SO2B02 Introduction to Sociology 4
3 SO3B03 Social Informatics 4
3 SO3B04 Foundation of Sociological Theories 4
4 SO4B05 Social Research methods 4
4 SO4B06 Life Skill Education 4
5 SO5B07 Indian society and social change 4
5 SO5B08 Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology 4
5 SO5B09 Social Anthropology 4
5 SO5B10 Research Methods and Statistics 4
6 SO6B11 Environment and Society 4
6 SO6B12 Sociology of Mass Communication 4
6 SO6B13 Women and Society 4
6 SO6B14 Population and Society 4
6 SO6B(PR)01 Project Work 4
6 SO6E01 Sociology of Development 2
5 SO5B.01 Life Skill Education 4
MA Sociology core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 SO1C01 Classical Social Theory 4
1 SO1C02 Social Research Method- I 4
1 SO1C03 Current debates in Indian society 4
1 SO1C04 Population and Society 4
2 SO2C05 Schools of Sociological Theory - I 4
2 SO2C06 Social Research Methods and Techniques- II 4
2 SO2C07 Sociology of Family 4
2 SO2C08 Urban Sociology 4
3 SO3C09 Schools of Sociological Theory- II 4
3 SO3C10 Project Planning and Preparation 4
3 SO3E01 Environmental Sociology 4
3 S03E03 Health and Society 4
4 SO4C11 Recent Developments in Social Theory 4
4 SO4C12 Women studies 4
4 SO4E09 Guidance and Counselling 4
4 SO4E10 Sociology of Development 4
Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Sr. Licy A.D.(Sr. Catherine), M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., B.Ed. Associate Professor 0480 2892513/9497630247 ,
Sr. Jisha Chakkunny M. (Sr. Jyothi), M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor on contract 0480 2894706/2894707 ,
Ms. Bincy K. F., M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor on contract 9656037992 ,
Ms. Reshma T.V ,M.A Assistant Professor on contract 8606733364 ,
Ms. Deepika Krishnan P.K, M.A Assistant Professor on contract 9605960423 ,
Ms.AnishaK.A, M.A Assistant Professor on contract 8086459213 ,

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