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The Department of Computer Science started functioning on October 1984. It became full fledged in 2012 with the commencement of the UG course in Computer Applications (BCA). The Department of Computer Science offered short term courses and other job-oriented courses such as the PGDCA, DCFM and DCA courses in association with C-DIT and ICES for the young girls and women of this rural locality. Computer lab is well-equipped with 50 systems, laser printers, and scanners, giving the students enough access to pursue their studies in the various levels. Internet and local network connections are in operation giving enough space for the growth of students, and act as the backbone for resource sharing and energy saving techniques. Added to this the lab is well-furnished and fully air-conditioned, with the aim of keeping a healthy environment and a motivating ambience to our children.


Produce good technocrats who are globally competent, equipped for the industries, society and nation


  • Providing quality education in correlation with industrial needs.
  • Ensuring technical proficiency by adopting efficient teaching-learning processes.
  • Moulding students to be strong in fundamentals, proficient in technical skills, deep rooted in ethical values and knowledgeable in applying the skills for the welfare of the society.
  • Enhancing collaborative partnership with industries for adaptation of emerging technologies.
  • Distribution of Courses
  • Teaching Staff
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B.C.A Computer Science core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 CA1A01 Communication Skills in English 3
1 CA1A02 Critical Reasoning, Writing and Presentation 3
1 CA1A07 Communication Skills in Languages other than English 4
1 CA1B01 Computer Fundamentals & Programming in C 4
1 CA1C01 Mathematical Foundation For Computer Applications 3
1 CA1C02 Discrete Mathematics 3
2 CA2A03 Reading literature in English 4
2 CA2A04 Reading on Indian constitution secularism and sustainable environment 3
2 CA2A09 literature in languages other than English 3
2 CA2B02 Programming in C++ & Data Structures 3
2 CA2C03 Computer Oriented Statistical Methods 3
2 CA2C04 Numerical Methods in C 4
3 CA3A06 History & Philosophy of Science 4
3 CA3B03 Database Design & RDBMS 3
3 CA3B04 Operating Systems 3
3 CA3C05 Financial & Management Accounting 3
3 CA3C06 Operations Research 3
4 CA4A13 Basic Numerical Skills 4
4 CA4A14 Entrepreneurship Development 4
4 CA4B05 Programming in Java 4
4 CA4B06 Programming Laboratory I (C++ & Data Structures using C++) 3
4 CA4C07 E-Commerce 3
4 CA4C08 Management Information Systems 3
5 CA5B07 Data Communication & Mobile Computing 3
5 CA5B08 Microprocessor 3
5 CA5B09 Computer Networks 3
5 CA5B10 Software Engineering 3
5 CA5B11 Visual Programming using C#.Net 3
5 CA5D01 Choose one course from open course I (Other Streams) 3
5 CA5B12 Mini Project 1
6 CA6B13 Web Programming using PHP 3
6 CA6B14 Computer Graphics & Multimedia 3
6 CA6B15 Programming Laboratory- II (Programming in Java, PHP) 3
6 CA6B16 Programming Laboratory- II (RDBMS & VB.Net) 3
6 CA6B17E1 Choose one course from open course II 3
6 CA6B17 Project 2
Name Designation Contact No.
Sr. Smitty V. Isidhore(Sr. Jeeva), MCA Assistant Professor (HOD) 0480 2894706 ,
Hima Mohan, Msc Computer Science Assistant Professor on contract 8086588505 ,
Dhanya Lalu, MCA Assistant Professor on contract 9605377029 ,
Najula K M, MSc Computer Science Assistant Professor on contract 9539409190 ,
Athira M S, MSc Computer Science Assistant Professor on contract 9539767117 ,
Neethu Subash, BTech Coordinator (Courses) 8086999081 ,

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