Department of Physics


Officially the department was established in 1999 with an induction of the new course, B.Sc Applied Physics. However Teaching faculty and lab facilities were in the college right from its very inception as a junior college in 1981. In 1995 classes were handled for BSc Chemistry students who had physics as a subsidiary subject.


Work as a catalyst, ushering in sustainable change in the lives of rural women through the acquisition of scientific knowledge, experimental skills, and problem solving capacity and thus participate in the developmental process.


  • To develop physical intuition among students.
  • To provide all possible opportunities to learn and develop.
  • To impart to students a solid foundation in scientific ideas based on experimental analysis.
  • To prepare students to face challenges systematically, and come to a solution.
  • To foster research aptitude in students and thereby contribute to the developmental process of the country.
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BSC Physics core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 AP1B01 Methodology of Science and Physics 1
1 AP1B02 Electronics 2
2 AP2B03 Properties of matter, waves and acoustics 2
2 AP2B04 B Microprocessor and microcomputer systems 2
3 A06 History and Philosophy of Science 4
3 A12 General Informatics 4
3 AP3B05 Mechanics 3
3 AP3B06,AP3B07 Practical -
4 BC4A13 Basic Numerical skills 4
4 BC4A14 Entrepreneurship Development -
4 AP4B08 Electrodynamics I 2
4 AP4B09, AP4B10 Practical -
5 AP5B11 Electrodynamics II 3
5 AP5B12 Quantum Mechanics 3
5 AP5B13 Physical Optics & Modern Optics 3
5 AP5B14 Thermal and Statistical Physics 3
5 AP5B15 ,AP5B16 Practical -
6 AP6B18 Solid state Physics, Spectroscopy and Laser Physics 2
6 AP6B19 Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Astrophysics 2
6 AP6B20 B Computational Physics 2
6 AP6B21 E02 Trouble shooting and maintenance of audio and video equipments 2
6 AP6B22(P) ,AP6B23(P) Practical 6,6
5 PH5D01(1) Non Conventional Energy Sources 4
BSC Physics complementary courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 PH1C01 Properties of Matter and Thermodynamics 2
1 PH1C02(P) Practical -
2 PH2C03 Mechanics, Relativity, Waves and Oscillations 2
2 PH2C04(P) Practical -
3 PH3C05 Optics, Laser, Electronics and communication 2
3 PH3C06(P) Practical -
4 PH4C07 Electricity, Magnetism and Nuclear Physics 2
4 PH4C08(P) Practical 4
Name Designation Contact No.
Ms. Greatel Francis Paremel, M.Sc., B.Ed. Assistant Professor 9562452528 ,
Ms. Nithya P., M.Sc. Assistant Professor 9446222004 ,
Ms.Mariya Parokkaran, MSc,Bed,MPhil Assistant Professor on contract 8086983544 ,
Maria Mookken MSc.,MEd. Assistant Professor on contract 9526655529 ,
Reshma Rajan MSc. MPhil Assistant Professor on contract 9961969047 ,

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