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The department started functioning in 1981 with pre-degree classes. The department was upgraded with B.Sc. Chemistry course in 1995. The Chemistry Lab was resettled in that year and extended with a Computer Lab in 2012, when the UGC-Career oriented course in “Health Care and Waste Management” was started.


Maintain global standards in chemical education and training; thereby empowering rural women to meet the challenges posed in an ever-changing national and international arena


  • To impart scientific knowledge through learning and research and to familiarize the relevance of chemistry in everyday life.
  • To advance chemical sciences through the education of students by providing them with quality classroom, research oriented projects and service opportunities.
  • To envisage the major environmental issues for sustainable development through extension activities.
  • To organize career oriented programmes and hand-on training for employment opportunities.
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B.Sc Chemistry core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 CH1B01 Foundations in Chemistry 2
1 CH1B02(P) Practical I- Volumetric Analysis -
2 CH2B03 Theoretical Chemistry 2
2 CH2B04(P) Practical II- Volumetry -
3 CH3B05 Physical Chemistry I 3
3 CH3B06(P) Practical III - Volumetry -
4 CH4B07 Organic Chemistry I 3
4 CH4B08(P) Practical IV - Volumetry 4
5 CH5B09 Inorganic Chemistry 3
5 CH5B10 Organic Chemistry II 3
5 CH5B11 Physical Chemistry II 3
5 CH5B12(P) Practical V- Inorganic qualitative analysis 4
5 CH5B13(P) Practical VI- Organic analysis & preparation 4
5 CH5B14(PR) Course Work/Project/Industrial Visit -
6 CH6B15 Inorganic Chemistry II 3
6 CH6B16 Organic Chemistry III 3
6 CH6B17 Physical Chemistry III 3
6 CH6B18(P) Practical VII – Physical Chemistry 4
6 CH6B19(P) Practical VIII – Gravimetric estimation 4
6 CH6B20(E3) Environmental Chemistry 2
6 CH6B21(PR) Course Work/Project 4
5 CH5D02 Chemistry in Everyday Life 4
Name Designation Contact No.
Dr. Princy K. G., M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor (HOD) 8086412364 ,
Dr. Roshini K. Thumpakara, M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 9447602665 ,
Dr. Vidya Francis, M.Sc.,Ph.D Assistant Professor 8547558972 ,
Ms. Neethu Sunny., M.Sc. Assistant Professor on contract 9946358153 ,
Prof. Babu K.J.(Rtd.)., M.Sc., M.Phil. Assistant Professor on contract 9495131454 ,
Dr. Shereema R.H., M.Sc. , PhD Assistant Professor on contract 9995086014 ,
Sariga C.D.,M.Sc., M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor on contract 9633276868 ,
Tessy Jose, M.Sc. Assistant Professor on contract 8156951414 ,

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