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Officially the department was established in 2001with the initiation of the P.G Course. However the members of the faculty have bee working in the institution right from the very beginning, handling classes for pre-degree students from 1981and subsidiary classes for degree Sociology students from 1984.


Kindle the spark of independent enquiry and thirst for knowledge about our diverse, rich and glorious cultural heritage so as to forge a vibrant present and a promising future


  • To promote a spirit of enquiry and research through projects and assignments.
  • Stimulate students to undertake research oriented activities.
  • Organize mini projects to unravel the dimensions of the locality and to create fresh enquiries into the roots of Mala.
  • Equip students to create a better tomorrow.
  • Distribution of Courses
  • Teaching Staff
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MA History core courses
Sem. Course Code Course Title Credits
1 C1 Methods of Historical visit 4
1 C4 Writing Kerala History, Historiography and Sources 4
1 C6 Selected themes in Indian Historiography 4
1 C8 History of Pre- modern societies 4
2 MHI201 Problems and debates in Ancient Indian History 4
2 MHI202 Problems of Kerala History 4
2 MHI203 Problems and Perspectives in South Indian History 4
2 MHI204 Aspects of the Modern World 4
3 HISCSS3C109 Theory and Methods in Historiography 4
3 HISCSS3CI10 Medieval Indian History Problems and Perspectives 4
3 HISCSS101 State in Early India 4
3 HISCSS102 Tamilakam in the Early Historical Period 4
4 HISCSS4C111 Selected Debates in Modern Indian History 4
4 HISCSS4C112 Contemporary India: Problems and Perspectives 4
4 HISCSS4E111 Archeology: Theoretical Perspectives 4
4 HISCSS4E114 Literature and Indian History 4
Name Designation Contact No.
Ms. Reena T. K., M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor 9495483420 ,
Ms. Vinitha N. Vijayan, M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil. Assistant Professor 9946088444, 9846799911 ,
Ms. Sandhya P. A., M.A., B.Ed, M.Phil. Assistant Professor 8086131880 ,
Ms. Shainy P.V., M.A., B.Ed, Assistant Professor on contract 9846497034 ,
Ms. Bijil Kochappan, M.A., B.Ed. Assistant Professor on contract 9947467646 ,
Ms.Preena Francis, M.A,B.Ed Assistant Professor on contract 8606231991 ,
Ms. Swathy P.S., M.A., B.Ed Assistant Professor on contract 9495712758 ,

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