Carmel College Mala


Carmel , a first grade college for women under Calicut University stands nestled in an idyllic locale in a small town called Mala near the southern tip of Thrissur district, the cultural capital of Kerala. This college, which began in the year 1981, is run by the Sisters of the Congregation of Mother of Carmel who guided by their founders Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Rev. Fr. Leopold Beccaro have taken up the apostolate of education. Carmel is the fruit of a deep and sincere urge to uplift the lot of the marginalized sections of society, especially that of the rural woman so that she may stretch her wings and soar high into a realm of Light and Love.

  • To promote the total development of the young woman in her uniqueness
  • To liberate her from economic dependency by inculcating in her a proper work culture.
  • To instill in her a desire to attain excellence.
  • To help her think in a clear, fearless and independent manner.
  • To equip her to see and apply knowledge so as to find solutions to human problems.
  • To make her conscious of her social obligations.
  • To mould her to be an agent of peace, harmony and universal brotherhood.
  • To sensitize her on the social, ethical and cultural values.
  • To help radiate true light through love.

To help young women in their pursuit of intellectual and professional excellence, which will lead to the total formation of the human person as much for their own enrichment as for the service of the society and the nation in the spirit of Christ.

Our Vision
We envision the upliftment of the weak & downtrodden sections of society, especially that of the rural woman, to liberate her from the shackles of bondage to a new world of light & love. We strive to achieve this high goal by empowering the girl child with knowledge & inculcating in her the spirit of selfless love and compassion. Education we have always felt should help promote the total development of each girl in her uniqueness, through integrated physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social & cultural growth so as to build a world of peace, harmony & universal brotherhood. With this vision in mind we have tried to introduce relevant ideals & values into our curriculum & mould them into young women of integrity.
We dedicate ourselves to the cause of empowering rural women with knowledge, inculcating in them the spirit of selfless love and compassion, spreading peace in the society, living in harmony with nature and illuminating the world to eternity.
The motto , " Light & Love ", symbolizes the ideal for which the college stands. Blessed Virgin Mary, chosen by God to bring forth the light of the world, the morning star, from whom the benign rays emanates, is our source of light. She presides over the college and bestows her light and shade on your children. We in turn try to radiate this light kindled in our hearts in the form of sincere love made manifest through self-less service to our brethren irrespective of caste or creed.