International Seminar

Three-day International seminar has begun at Carmel College
Mala: Three-day International seminar on ‘Food, Foodscapes, and Foodways: Diverse Perspectives’ has begun at Carmel College. The seminar was inaugurated by Carmel College Principal Dr S. Kochu Thresia. Dr. Princi KG, HD and Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry extended his greetings. Dr Pretty John, H.O.D., Department of English delivered the welcome speech. A vote of thanks was given by Linda P. Joseph, Secretary and Assistant Professor, Department of English.
In the first session, Dr CG Shyamala, Assistant Professor and Research Guide, Department of English, Mercy College, Palakkad spoke on ‘food culture and narratives.’ Then Father Davis Chiramal, The Chairman and Founder of the Kidney Federation, General secretary of ACTS, presented a paper on ‘Food as a Human Right’. Students and teachers from other colleges participated. Delegates from various fields will present papers at the three-day event.