Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message


Dr. Sr. Licy A.D.
Principal - Carmel College

Dear parents and Students,
Welcome back to the 2021- 2022 College Academic Year as we continue a well- diversified educational experience here, at Carmel College. I hope you had a restful long summer break as we start another exceptional academic year. Yes, it is true that the experience of pandemic has been stressful, yet, I believe that this experience has given us a renewed understanding about valuing our life and the countless blessings. The enthusiasm and wonder of students remind us that each student comes to college with tremendous hopefulness and anticipation for their very best year. Every teacher, staff member and parent plays an important role in making this year a great one for each of our dear students.

The upcoming college year brings all of the excitement of new beginnings, new experiences and new opportunities to learn and grow. This year we will focus on strengthening academic excellence through an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, raising rigor in the classroom through student engagement, continue to build on our social emotional intelligence through restorative practice rather than punitive consequences to promote positive college climate and create a genuine dialogue between the staff, students and parents.

The Carmel staff and I know how lucky we are to have so many wonderful students and families working alongside us. Carmel College is committed to providing a nurturing and inspiring learning environment for all of our students. We continue to be eager to see the limitless possibilities of our efforts in providing our students with an extraordinary college experience. It is our goal that each student realizes her potential through our challenging academic program. In addition, we want each student to develop the skills that matter most — the ability to think and learn across disciplines, connect ideas, create new knowledge, and engage in effective communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Carmel College, the ‘College with a Heart’ aims not only to educate its students but to proactively engage with the community by extending its resources. We are proud of our collaborative relationship with the dynamic and involved parental community. So many wonderful aspects of our college rely on the continued support of the parents and Carmel thrives, strengthened by the firm ties she holds with her stakeholders.

We look forward to the 2021-2022 college year with excitement, confidence, hope and very high expectations for students and staff alike. The management and staff appreciate your continuous support and look forward to a successful year ahead. May God continue to bless all of us to realize our vision and mission of empowering women as the torchbearers of a better world guided by ‘light and love’!