Grading & Evaluation


The evaluation of each course shall contain two parts: (i) Internal Evaluation (ii) External Evaluation. 20% weight shall be given to internal evaluation will be carried out using direct grading system.

Theory Courses:-

Attendance 25%, Assignment/Seminar and Lab involvement 25%

Practical Courses:-

Attendance 25%, Record 50% and Lab involvement 25%.

Attendance of each course will be evaluated as below:-

Above 90% Attendence 100% marks alloted for Attendence
85 to 89% 80%
80 to 84% 60%
76 to 79% 40%
75% 20%

Details of grading scheme

Evaluation (both internal and external) is carried out using Mark System. The grading on the basis of total internal and external marks will be indicated for each course and for each semester and for the entire programme. Indirect Grading System based on 7 point scale is used to evaluate the performance of students

  • Each Course is evaluated by assigning marks with a letter grade (A+, A, B, C, E, or F) to that course by the method of indirect grading
  • An aggregate of E grade with 40% marks (after external and internal put together) is required in each course for a pass and also for awarding a degree.
  • Appearance for Internal Assessment (IA) and End Semester Evaluation (ESE-external) are compulsory and no grade shall be awarded to a candidate if she is absent for IA/ESE or both.