Maintenance and Utilization Policy and Procedures

Maintenance and Utilization of Physical, Academic and Support Facilities

It is one of the key priorities of the institution’s Management to facilitate requisite infrastructural and other academic facilities to ensure a congenial teaching-learning environment. The institutional policy foregrounds the productive engagement of various committees, including the Planning Committee, Building Committee, Project Monitoring Committee, Purchase Committee etc, to achieve this purport. Open tender and E-tender system are followed by the college for construction and maintenance. All the infrastructural and IT facilities of the institution are extended to the benefit of its stakeholders who are equally entrusted with the responsibility of its upkeep.

The college bursar and an adept support team are in charge of overseeing maintenance work. A maintenance register is kept in the office for this purpose. Additionally, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, attenders, gardeners, sweepers, and security guards, engage in either manufacture or repair of fittings, furniture and facility systems like electrical and water supply networks, motors and pump sets, campus landscaping, gardening, cleaning and security. Students equally partake in keeping the campus premises and classrooms clean and litter-free.


  • Library functions from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on weekdays and from 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. during weekends
  • The Library Advisory Committee governs the routine functioning of the library
  • Ensuring efficient library services and maintenance of library facilities are the responsibility of the college librarian and library staff
  • The librarian collects books/journals requirements for the academic year from the Head of departments, and, on obtaining sanction from the Principal, hands it over to the Purchase Committee
  • ID card is mandatory for staff and students for gate entry
  • Barcoded issue and return system of books is followed
  • Separate reading corners are maintained for staff, students and researchers on each floor
  • Networking Resource Centres, separate for staff, UG and PG students and Research Scholars are maintained
  • To ensure the return of books, ‘no dues’ from the library is mandatory for students before appearing for the end-semester examination
  • Annual stock verification of library books is ascertained
  • Library services are extended to the public and alumnae with a registration fee
  • Fire safety and uninterrupted power supply are assured


  • Classrooms are allotted to batches as per student strength
  • All classrooms have LCD projectors and internet access
  • Spacious classroom with CCTV surveillance facility is utilized for conduct of language/combined classes and examinations
  • Requirements for classroom furniture and other essentials are to be submitted in writing by the Head of the departments to the Principal
  • Students should ensure the maintenance of classroom furniture and ICT facilities. Repair/malfunctions that occur should be reported to the class tutor, who shall inform the concerned authority for necessary measures to be taken.
  • Routine monitoring and maintenance of ICT facilities are ensured by the technical staff
  • Dustbins are placed in each classroom
  • The housekeeping staff regularly cleans the classrooms and safely disposes the waste
  • Maintaining a tidy classroom is also the responsibility of each student and every Friday afternoon session is allotted for classroom cleaning


  • Laboratory norms and regulations are communicated to the students and practical sessions are carried out in the hours allotted as per timetable
  • The equipment and machinery in the laboratory are maintained by the lab in charge (s) and supervised by Head of the concerned departments
  • Lab equipment is purchased taking into account its energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Stock Register is timely updated and maintained
  • Calibration and precision measures for instruments are taken care of by the faculty, lab assistants and mechanics
  • Transformers are installed to safeguard precision equipment against voltage fluctuations and to manage power cuts
  • Fire safety measures are renewed
  • A separate room to stock strong acids and fume cupboard and fume lab coats are used for handling toxic chemicals
  • The first-aid supply is ensured
  • Proper waste disposal is ensured

IT/ICT facilities

  • Full-time technicians are employed for the maintenance of ICT equipment
  • Outsourcing is also done to maintain and repair IT infrastructures such as computers and internet facilities, including Wi-Fi and broadband.
  • All computers have a UPS facility, periodically recharged. AMC is followed for the maintenance of certain equipment.
  • In case of damage to PCs/Laptops, spare parts are re-assembled for reuse as new systems
  • A Cyberoam firewall is installed to check malicious cyber-attacks

Sports Complex

  • The sports ground and other indoor/outdoor facilities including the indoor stadium, basketball court, Ball Badminton Courts and fitness centre are utilized by sports students for practice
  • The fitness centre is open to both staff and students
  • Two rooms are allotted to the Sports Cell to hold meetings and stock sports equipment
  • The Physical Education Director of the institution regularly supervises the use of sports facilities and training sessions
  • College playground is made available for hosting university championships and for the conduct of various sports activities of neighbouring schools on request.
  • Routine maintenance of the sports facilities is ensured

Other physical facilities

  • Conduct of academic and cultural programmes, including extension activities are carried out in the auditorium, seminar and conference halls, open stage, students’ corner, and cultural centre.
  • Departments can utilize these facilities by submitting a pre-event registration form to the IQAC and enrolling in the Events’ Register at the Enquiry wing
  • Alumnae of the institution also avail these facilities to hold the annual alumnae gatherings
  • The institutional infrastructural facilities are open for use for the neighbouring institutions and recognized local bodies with prior sanction
  • The examination halls and Carmel Computer Academy are shared for the conduct of centralized examinations in partnership with TSC iON and Distance Education examinations.
  • The infrastructural facilities are extended as centres for the conduct of the University’s Centralized Camp Valuation


  • Hostel facilities can be availed by students and staff
  • Hostel rules, regulations and time table are displayed for the knowledge of all residents
  • Hostels have designated areas as Mess Hall, study hall/corners, leisure corner, and visitor’s room
  • Housekeeping staff is entrusted with cleaning the hostel premises
  • Residents are responsible for the upkeep of furniture and cleanliness of the room
  • Main warden and assistant warden along with the student council of the hostel is responsible for the smooth functioning and maintenance of the hostel