Institutional Distinctiveness

Enhancement of Employability Skills

Carmel College was founded in 1981 by the CMC sisters in the rustic hamlet of Mala, with the intention of uplifting the rural women from the shackles of bondage and ignorance. Considering the employability prospects and the demand for more skilled workforce in economy, the college always promotes skill based education right from its inception. Helping rural women in their pursuit of intellectual and professional excellence, the college applied for and got sanctioned job oriented Degree Programmes like Applied Physics and Functional English. Adhering to its vision, the institution keeps vigil on the latest trends and opportunities in higher education and started B.VoC courses, Community college, UGC sponsored Career Oriented Courses and ASAP that enhance the employability quotient.

Bachelor of Vocation Courses

Aims to provide adequate skills required for particular trade. B.Voc course is most apt for candidates who want to enhance their employment opportunities by focusing on courses that impart more practical training rather than theoretical knowledge. We have 5 B.VoC Courses in Software Development, Multimedia, Fashion Technology, Accounting and Taxation and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

Community College

Offers low cost, high quality education locally encompassing both vocational skills development as well as traditional course work. The college offers Diploma Courses in Banking and Tally and Printing Technology

Career Oriented Courses

The objective of the scheme is to introduce career and market oriented, skill enhancing add-on courses that have utility for job, self-em ployment and empowerment of the students. Presently there are two UGC sponsored CoC- Fundamentals in Refrigeration and Language Acquisition Skills offered by Departments of Physics and English respectively.

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme run by Kerala Government aims at equipping selected school/college students with skills in Communication, IT and selected areas of industry and service sectors.